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Reusable Sanitary Pads For Menstrual and Incontinence Use                     Organic | Ethical | Beautiful

Honour Your Flow pads are top of the range. They have been designed in such a way to minimise leaks and discomfort. They are slimine, soft and absorbent. We know you have been looking around for the right pads, so we have taken all the work out for you! These pads are simply the best! (That's what our customers say anyway!)

Here you will find pads for all flows in beautiful colours and fabrics that make you feel a little bit special when you wear them. As always, I am here to help you get the right pad for your needs. Drop me a line on info@honouryourflow.co.uk

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How To Use the Honour Your Flow Website:

How The Pads Are Constructed By Size:



The HYF pad sizing table will help you get the pads you need. If you don't know where to start, then measure your current pads, and choose something the same length.


Which Absorbency Do I Need?

Micro pads and Thong Liners- will be great for everyday freshness all day, menstrual cup backup, ovulation days.

Mini pads - will take spotting for up to a whole day. Also happy with that dark gloopy gungy flow at the start and end of a period (sorry for graphical descriptions!) Like the Micros and Thongs, good for everyday freshness and ovulation (white gunge) days.

Regular pads - will take a steady light flow for up to 4 hours, or 2-3 lighter splurges

Maxi pads - will take a steady flow for up to 4 hours, or 3-4 heavier splurges

Slim Mega pads - will take more flow than a Maxi, simply because there is more fabric there.

Mega pads - are for those of us who don't believe there is a pad on this planet which can cope with their flow! They can cope with a really heavy flow for up to 3 hours.

Night pads - these are designed to catch trickle leaks that happen when you lie down and run off the end of a normal pad. They are totally brilliant, but are not thick enough for a very heavy night flow. (Some Night pads have a thicker option.)

Basically, the more fabric there is, the more absorbent the pad.

All our reusable menstrual products are made to a high standard of love and care in the UK. They are made individually by hand, and sometimes carry the quirks of uniqueness! But they are all top quality and beautiful, made with only the best fabrics. The price reflects the quality. Your HYF washable pads should last you many years. If they don't, then we would like to know about it. We hope you enjoy using them as you honour your own flow.

About the Fabrics

All the fabrics that Honour Your Flow cloth menstrual products are made from are the best quality we can find. Our pads are made from organic cotton top, inner and bottom layers, with a discreet layer of waterproof PUL inside. The PUL we use is made in the USA and is as eco friendly as possible whilst still being a man made fibric. We believe natural fabrics are very important, as they make wearing your washable menstrual products cool and comfortable, with none of the unpleasant symptoms that have been associated with disposables. You don't get burning, itching or thrush symptoms during your period when you use natural fabrics. Some women (enough to take notice of) report lighter bleeding and less pain when they use cloth menstrual pads.

What is PUL anyway? - it's PolyUrethane Laminated onto polyester. It's what they use for nappy wraps, and it is very waterproof!

Washing Your Pads

All Honour Your Flow pads are pre-washed and ready to use. You should wash them with dark colours for the first few washes in case the dye runs a little. When you do wash them, as far as the fabrics are concerned, they can all be washed up to 60'.  Personally I have washed mine at all different temperatures to see what happens, and to be honest, I don't see much difference between washing at 30', 40' and 60'. But there is something else you should know about washing cloth menstrual pads, and that is the nature of heating blood. As blood is a protein, it can set with heating (like the white of an egg when you cook it), so there is actually a scientific reason to wash low rather than high.

Never use fabric conditioners on your cloth pads!

They reduce the absorbency of cloth pads.

Washing Your Pads is Easy!

Never Used Cloth Menstrual Pads Before? How To Get Started

Remember - you don't have to buy a whole load of pads today! (Tempting though it may be) You can try one or two now, and once you know which you like best and which thickness, then build up your stash. Also, some women find that their flow gets lighter when they switch to cloth, so I think it’s best to buy a few pads at first, and come back for more next month. Many women buy a few at a time, integrating them in with disposables, until they have enough to use all cloth menstrual pads.

How to wear your pads - The most important thing to success in wearing your washable menstrual pads is Snug Fitting Knickers! The pads popper into your knickers, and if your knickers are snug, they don't move. If your knickers are too loose then the pads may slip about. Honour Your Flow cloth pads come in different widths, so it's best to bear this in mind. For instance, a 2" wide Mini pad will not sit right in knickers with a very wide 4" gusset. Consider investing in some 'period knickers' which you know are a good snug fit and have the gusset width that fits the size of pad you like best.

Do They Smell? – Lots of people ask this question when they are new to cloth pads. The answer is, NO, they don’t smell. You can even store them (dry) for 2-3 weeks in a wash bag, and they still don’t smell.

When You’re Out and About – Take your clean pad out in a Carry Pouch or Moon Purse, and put your used put in it to bring it home. It won’t leak or smell in your bag, and no one need know it is there.

Why We Chose the Name Honour Your Flow

Customer Testimonials

There are lots of customer reviews on the product pages of the website, but here are some examples of the kind of general comments that we get every week.

"It has really changed my life. I don't get the same soreness, hotness or agonising cramps. They wash beautifully and look and feel as good as new every time. The very large night time pad (that looks like a whale!) is just brilliant - so comfortable, yet not bulky, and you feel safe in bed wearing it. Also, can I say that the pretty designs mean I can go to bed wearing your pads without feeling self-conscious in front of my husband - they are so pretty. " Lynn, York


"I have bought a range of these pads and highly recommend them. They are really well made and wonderfully soft next to the skin, they wash really well, and they keep their shape and softness in spite of being (in my case) washed to death! I notice too that I no longer suffer from embarrassing itching or odour thanks to the natural fabrics that allow the body to breathe." Christine, Newcastle

"I wanted to thank you for the pads I bought at the beginning of the month, they are really fantastic! I finally got the chance to try them out this week and I love them. There will be no going back to disposables! I bought a couple of other makes of pad from other sites and I can honestly say that the quality of finish on your pads is higher than the others. Your pads are really lovely and so well made. " Diane, Glasgow


“I just tried your pads! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also soft, easy to wash and they stay in place! Thank you very much.” Switcher, France

"Just to let you know, we had the little parcel a couple of days ago and omg we were so happy with the contents! they are gorgeous! we love the tie dyed ones to bits! lol... My niece was over the 'moon' lol with them! and we loved the way they were presented with the little cotton 'ribbon' bows.....Thank you so very much for the little bags ...you are so kind...they shall be really useful and I think the idea of being able to put the pads into a string laundry bag is fab! particularly for pre teens like my niece who might feel quite awkward about washing the pads ..." Rose, Swansea

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are lovely - so soft & comfortable and I love the attention to detail - like the coloured poppers, the tie dye patterns, the coloured thread to tie them together, the tiny stitching, the SOFTness! They are beautifully made - I love them! I once planned to make my own, but that was over a year ago, so I came to the conclusion it was best to find an expert - you!”  Marla, Weymouth


Returns policy
If you want to return any of our products you are welcome to do so - within 14 days of receiving them please. Products must be in unused condition.

If you have a faulty product (does happen from time to time unfortunately), then please contact me, and I will do my utmost to make things good for you.

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Pad Construction - General Fabrics:

Pad Construction - Pads by Size: 


Starter Packs for Incontinence (can also be great for menstrual wear!)

Pads for Incontinence by size:

Using a Stain Stick and a Wet Bag:

Using Regular pads when you are out and about