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Reusable Sanitary Pads For Menstrual and Incontinence Use                     Organic | Ethical | Beautiful

I'm Vicky Sherrard, Founder of HYF.

"I offer you unrivalled performance and excellent customer care. I focus on top quality, ethical fabrics to make pads that fit and that perform really well.

Our customers return to us over and over again, because they know they can trust our pads to keep them leak free and comfortable. And did I mention how pretty they are?"

My Story

I first got into washable menstrual pads years ago when I was living in an off-grid eco-community. We had no running water or electricity at that time, and when I saw all the other women happily hanging out their cloth pads, I was hooked! I couldn't believe how comfortable and comforting they felt. I was instantly converted.

Once my flow came back after having my children, I got frustrated that my pads were leaking, especially at night. Also, they didn’t fit that well, sliding around, and my heavy day pads felt way too bulky. I decided to make my own! And they worked so well that I gave them to my friends, and they told me I had to sell them. So I did, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am also passionate about menstrual health. I believe we can heal our femininity through honouring our bodies with beautiful pads.  I want to be part of a Menstrual Revolution!


I love making your pads, I love my children, and I love our beautiful planet.

The Ethos 
I try to make every decision an ethical one in as many ways as possible. I believe the customer is important, but so are the workers - the sewing ladies as well as the people involved in growing, harvesting and manufacturing the fabrics. We try to work to a Fairtrade standard and purchase fabrics which cause as least harm as possible to all whilst still performing.

The Team
HYF has a small team of sewing ladies working from home. They are all mothers, working flexi-time around the needs of their families. I believe in offering working conditions that help women! These are the wonderful women who make your pads.


          Jackie Preston                      Cate Van Alphen                  Naomi Lock 


Do contact me if you want to share anything about pads. I love to hear good feedback, and really want to hear bad feedback, as it helps me think about making a better product.

I offer a free popper replacement service. Just send them back and I'll put a new popper on if the old one falls off.

Vicky Sherrard by e-mail: info@honouryourflow.co.uk
phone: 015242 76402
snail: Rigmaden Farm Cottages, Mansergh, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, LA6 2ET, GB