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Feedback received

We get great feedback every week from customers. Here is a sample of what people say about HYF pads:

"I just placed another order and just wanted to drop you a message saying that I am madly in love with them! they are absolutely beautiful. My moontime is a pleasure now! I am using them along with sea pearls and am so super happy!" (Starr)

"I wanted to thank you for the pads I bought at the beginning of the month, they are really fantastic! I finally got the chance to try them out this week and I love them. There will be no going back to disposables! I bought a couple of other makes of pad from other sites and I can honestly say that the quality of finish on your pads is higher than the others. Your pads are really lovely and so well made. " (Diane, Glasgow)

I just tried your pads ! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also soft, easy to wash and they stay in place ! Thank you very much.” (Switcher, France)

"just to let you know we had the little parcel a couple of days ago and omg we were so happy with the contents! they are gorgeous! we love the tie dyed ones to bits! lol... my niece was over the 'moon' lol with them! and we loved the way they were presented with the little cotton 'ribbon' bows.....and thank you so very much for the little bags ...you are so kind...they shall be really useful and I think the idea of being able to put the pads into a string laundry bag is fab! particularly for pre teens like my niece who might feel quite awkward about washing the pads ..." (Rose, Swansea)

"I have had more chances to use them and it has really changed my life. I don't get the same soreness, hotness or agonising cramps. They wash beautifully and look and feel as good as new every time. The very large night time pad (that looks like a whale!) is just brilliant - so comfortable, yet not bulky, and you feel safe in bed wearing it.Also, can I say that the pretty designs mean I can go to bed wearing your pads without feeling self-conscious in front of my husband - they are so pretty. " (Lynn, York)

“Thank you, thankyou, thank you! They are lovely - so soft & comfortable and I love the attention to detail - like the coloured poppers,the tie dye patterns, the coloured thread to tie them together, the tiny stitiching, the SOFTness! They are beautifully made - I love them! I once planned to make my own, but that was over a year ago, so I came to the conclusion it was best to find an expert - you! (Marla, Weymouth)

"I have bought a range of these pads and highly recommend them. They are really well made and wonderfully soft next to the skin, they wash really well, and they keep their shape and softness in spite of being (in my case) washed to death! I notice too that I no longer suffer from embarrassing itching or or odour thanks to the natural fabrics that allow the body to breathe." (Christine, Newcastle)

Do contact me if you want to share anything about pads. I love to hear good feedback, and really want to hear bad feedback, as it helps me think about making a better product. We women are all different, so the more information we can gather about what works and what doesn't, the better - for us and for those who come after us.

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