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Incontinence Problems - Reusable Incontinence Pads

The simple truth is that our pads can be used for any kind of urinary incontinence, from very light drops, through more serious cough/sneeze gushes, right through to virtually no bladder control at all. Although our pads are designed for menstrual flow, many women have found that they work really well for urinary incontinence too. You may have to bear this in mind as you delve into the website though, as the flow rates are for menstrual flow. This page helps you to gauge which pads will suit you for your weak bladder issues.

Look for the Weak Bladder / Incontinence Ratings on the Category and Pad pages


Lightest - Mini Pads
Weak Bladder Rating: 1  Drips and maybe 1 very light cough/sneeze dribble  

Light - Regular Pads
Weak Bladder Rating: 2 Constant drips, small dribbles over 4-6 hours or a gush from a cough or sneeze - 15ml comfortably

Medium - Maxi Pads

Weak Bladder Rating: 3  Lots of dribbles or 2-3 small gushes

Heavy - Slim Mega Pads
Weak Bladder Rating: 4  copes with 3 or 4 heavier gushes
Much Heavier - Slim Mega Sandwich Pads
Weak Bladder Rating: 5 10 or more heavier gushes


Really Heavy - Mega Pads
Weak Bladder Rating: 7/8 Hardly any bladder control, heavy urge incontinence. But this pad won't take a full bladder

Videos showing how much liquid each pad size holds:
Regular-long pads - 15ml

This is what some of our customers have said about using HYF pads for incontinence:

" I must say I love the new pad you sent me! I wanted to cuddle it it's so beautiful... so comfortable all day, I didn't know it was there at all! Have to say also, I never question its performance."  She uses the Mini x-long Pad

"I wanted to thank you as I found I much preferred the slightly thicker one! I tend to use these daily to deal with any oops moments."  She uses the Maxi Pad

"My daughter has been very unwell now for some time having been previously very active and healthy. For now she is totally confined to bed requiring 24/7 care. So she is using the pads for bladder overflow. She is so pleased to be wearing a product that is soft, cotton, discrete and that just feels like underwear."   She uses the Night Pad

"My mother and I care for my grandmother, who has fairly severe urinary incontinence, and having got very dismayed at the huge number of disposable pads we were sending to landfill, we decided to try getting her to use your biggest megapads instead. With one extra insert, one pad can keep her dry all day on a good day, and she is now only using disposables at night, which has cut her used pad output by about 80%"  She uses the Mega Pad
Introduction to cloth pads for incontinence



The trick is to choose the pad with the correct thickness for your requirements. Please use the chart below to find the right style of pad for you, then find your pads within the rest of the website, where are listed under the headings Light Flow, Regular Flow, Heavy Flow and Extremely Heavy Flow.