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Makeup Wipes

These are washable pads for removing make-up. We originally invented them as a zero waste solution for using up scraps of fabrics, and this is what we have returned to here. 

10 Makeup Wipes, suitable for face and nail polish removal (will stain with nail polish, so keep a couple aside just for that.) Also a cute little Wash Bag.

They are made from organic cotton fabrics; mostly organic cotton jersey, but some of our tie dyed velour and some undyed organic cotton fleece. You will get a mix of colours, depending on what is available. They are machine washable up to 40'. I recommend washing them inside the wash bag, as they have a tendency to get caught in the door section of the washing machine!

These wipes are made quickly and cheaply, and the price reflects this. The shape is roughly half moon, but they will be different sizes and not all identical. Now you can look glamorous with no worries about throwing away disposable products!

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