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Mega pads (for UK sizes 14-32)

The ultimate cloth pad for the heaviest flow. Fully lined with PUL, which is completely waterproof, and backed with a nice soft cotton jersey. It measures 17" in length, 8.5" across the back, 6" across the front and a generous 3" width at your gusset. Open at the bottom with a removable insert - makes drying quicker.
These pads are VERY BIG ! They are 17" long and 3" at the gusset. They will be too big if you are a UK trouser size 12 or smaller. (Go for the Slim Mega pad in that case)

This is what one HYF customer had to tell us about her experience with Mega pads:

"I just want to say a big thank you for the advice on pp pads- the mega pad stood up brilliantly to night 2 and 3 since Joni put in her appearance 2 weeks early, and the heavy pads have been so nice on the bits during the day! And for those doubting the wool backing, all of mine are wool backed (even the mega) and not a drop has gone through. And although my milk is only just coming in, the breast pads are proving just as soft yet waterproof. Outstanding performance by some wonderful products! Thank you xx"

Weak Bladder rating: 7/8 -  Very heavy leaks with virtually no bladder control, but won't take a full bladder


How to re-stuff the HYF Mega pad 

Using the Mega Pad when you are Out and About