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Starter Pack UK size 8-12 - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad Kit

Starter Pack UK size 8-12 - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad Kit

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    A lovely Starter Pack to get you going with the basics. The exact colours will vary depending on what is in stock. Your Starter Pack contains two 8" Mini pads for light 'spotting' days, two 9" Regular pads for average flow days, and a thick 11" Maxi pad for heavier days, also a coloured Wash Bag and an organic cotton PUL lined Carry Pouch, as well as some other surprise HYF goodies. It's just to get you started. Once you know which suits you best, you can come back and complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night pads to your Starter Pack, so that you are totally covered at night.

    Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through reusable period pads!


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    Best decision ever made

    The design and detail to these pads are amazing. I was apprehensive at first but I got over that very quickly from the first time trying. They are so comfortable, feels just like you have knickers on to be honest. They absorb just like your normal plastic pads do. I regret that I didn't have the courage to start this journey earlier.

    I can't explain why, but since the change and acknowledging my period in a more positive way, has made me feel more connected to myself and my cycle. The fridge magnet...I have referred to a few times and I totally feel those things at different points in my cycle and it's made me a lot more conscious about myself as a whole.

    Also , the YouTube videos are fab, I love how you explain how they are made, why you started and the people who work for you x

    Danielle | South tyneside | March 2023

    Life changing

    These are such a blessing. So comfy against sensitive skin unlike others I've tried. Really absorbent. Thank you so much.

    Charlotte | Ireland | September 2020

    Starter Pack

    This is a great and cost effective way to start out. I'd been thinking about trying these for a few years and now in my early 40s finally took the plunge at the start of lockdown. I really wish I'd done so years ago - I can definitely recommend them. They're so much more comfortable than single use pads; they're a whole lot kinder to the environment and I love that they're made in the UK by women able to fit work around family life. If you're not quite sure I'd say give them a try - you won't look back! I've since expanded my stock from the starter pack, enjoyed choosing from the variety of colourful pads and am pleased to get the accessories here too.

    Jennifer | UK | July 2020

    Life-changing product!

    I've now used my HYF pads for two cycles and I absolutely love them. I decided that I wanted to switch to cloth pads out of concern for the environment - and a shortage of disposable products in the supermarket due to Covid19 - but I wasn't sure where to begin. I found your website and was immediately bowled over by how beautiful your range is: I had no idea menstrual products could be so desirable! I chose the Starter Kit to get a sense of the different sizes and styles - as well as a Night pad for overnight use - and it all arrived so beautifully packaged, with some really thoughtful little extras. I tried out all the different sized pads across my period and think I've found my perfect fit for most days. I'll be putting in a new order very soon! Washing was a breeze and they still look as good as new. In honesty, I've always been a little squeamish and ashamed of my body's natural processes. This product is definitely helping me feel more positive about my period. Many thanks - this means a lot!

    Lucy | Leeds | April 2020

    I'm trying to steer my life in a much more eco-friendly direction and this is one of my new favourite companies. I love everything about Honour Your Flow - the thoughtful minimal packaging, the beautiful pads, all the information provided and the extra lovely details. I'd read great reviews on the pads so I was expecting good things, but they surpassed all my expectations. In my opinion, they're worth every penny. Not only do they look gorgeous and really work, they feel DIVINE. Going back to plastic disposable pads after these makes me realise how sweaty and irritating they are in comparison. The stain remover also works miracles, I was astounded by how well the pads washed. I can't wait to build up my collection until I have enough to not need to use any disposable pads at all, I honestly now look forward to my period. I'll be recommending HYF to everybody.

    Ellen | North West | June 2019

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