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Reusable Sanitary Pads For Menstrual and Incontinence Use                     Organic | Ethical | Beautiful

Starter Packs for Incontinence

All these pads can be used for menstrual flow as well as incontinence. They are the same pads!

A Starter Pack with a few of the basics you will need to launch yourself into the wonders of cloth period pads! Each pack contains three pads in one size, as well as a Small Wet Bag. 

Choose between Black, Natural and Mixed Colours
Choose your size according to your need:

Mini pads - weak bladder rating 1: drips

Regular pads - weak bladder rating 2: drips and light dribbles

Regular-long - weak bladder raring 2: drips and light dribbles

Maxi pads - weak bladder rating 3: dribbles and the occasional small gush

Slim Mega pads - weak bladder rating 4: all day dribbles plus 3-4 small gushes

All pads in the Starter Packs are backed with our organic cotton jersey, and contain a hidden layer of waterproof PUL inside.